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Black Oil Sunflower Seed, (10 lb. Pack), USA Grown, Hand Packed Birdseed

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10 Lb. Pack NON GMO  Black Oil Sunflower Seed For Birds and Use For Sprouting

Grown, Stored, Processed and Packed in the USA, 

Attracts many Species of Birds and Animals and offer a Great Source of Protein and Fat

  • Buntings.
  • Cardinals.
  • Chickadees.
  • House finches.
  • Purple finches.
  • Grosbeaks.
  • Nuthatches.
  • Pine siskins.

Also a Great Treat for Chickens, Rabbits, Horses and Goats, Especially in the Winter or Cooler Months

You Can also Mix in Grain for Goats, They will Eat Shell and All

The Black Oil Seeds Have Thinner Shells, Which are Easier for Animals and Birds to Crack, Animals will Eat Black Oil Sunflower Seeds Before Anything Else, Due to High Calorie and Fat Content...

Black Oil Seeds will also Sprout Faster than Striped Seeds

Shelf Life up to 12 Months in Cool Dry Storage

Guaranteed Analysis:  Crude Protein min 14%, Crude Fat Min 35%, Crude Fiber Min 25%

  • A healthy, natural foraging treat
  • Excellent source of omega 6 essential fatty acids
  • Excellent source of dietary fiber, protein and vitamin E

Also available in 5 lb. and 1 lb. Packs