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Bengal Fire Ant Dust, 12 oz. Shaker, Bengal UltraDust 2 Fire Ant and Insecticide

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Listing is for One 12 oz Can

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As with any Pesticide Read Complete Directions and Precautions before Application.

UltraDust 2X Fire Ant Killer

Keep your surroundings free of fire ants with the Bengal UltraDust 2X Fire Ant Killer. The 12-ounce can treats 75 fire ant mounds.

To ensure a fire ant-free environment, it kills the entire mound and ants overnight on contact, including the queen.

Roaches, Ants, Beetles, Centipedes, Crickets, Fire Ants, Flies, Scorpions, Silverfish, Spiders, Ticks & Wasps

The advanced, unique formula has a residual action that will continue to kill insects for up to 8 months to help prevent future infestations. It's faster acting than ant bait products, won't clump or absorb moisture, and will continue to work even in dewy environments or rain. It can also be used on roses and ornamental plants. For additional protection, use it as a perimeter treatment to help prevent fire ant invasions in buildings and structures. This product contains a 0.1% concentration of its active ingredient, Deltamethrin, one of the most powerful insecticides available.