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Garlic Bulbs, California Soft neck, 9 Bulbs For Planting/ Eating

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Garlic Bulbs, California Softneck, 9 Bulbs For Planting/ Eating

Garlic Bulbs, Easy to Plant and Grow, Includes 9 Bulbs Ready to Eat or Plant

Bulbs are Shipped Dormant

The pungent flavor of garlic is essential to the cuisines of many cultures. Large-plump Bulbs. Harvest in mid-summer when the leaves begin to yellow.

Height: 18 inches.

Spacing: 2 - 4 inches in rows 6 inches apart.

Depth: Divide bulbs into cloves and set 1 - 2 inches deep; plant flat side down.

Spread: 4 inches.

Sun/Shade: Full sun.

Yield: 40 pounds per 100 foot row.

Days To Maturity: 120+ days.

Form: Soft neck, artichoke type garlic.

Soil Requirements: Well-drained, loose, organic soil.

Growth Rate: Fast growth rate.

Comments: Does well in moderate climates; cool season crop.

Bulbs Come Ready to Eat or Plant