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Jackson Wonder Lima Bean, Heirloom, Calico or Jackson Wonder Lima Bush Bean

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Jackson Wonder Lima Bean, Heirloom, NON-GMO Open Pollinated Variety

1 oz pack Approx. 50-60 seeds,  1/4 lb. Pack Approx. 200 seeds

Maturity 68 days. 

An old-time dependable variety. Small, flat gray-green baby lima beans mature to brown with dark splashes. 

Grows well in southern climates with warm summers. 

Plant produces good yields of medium size lima beans. 

Pods are 3-1/2" long and have 3 to 4 beans. 

Plant sets pods even under hot weather conditions.

Thin to 4-6", 18-36" Between Rows, Plant 1-2" Deep

This Lima Bean Originated in the 1880's on the Farm of Thomas Jackson near Atlanta, Georgia and Initially sold in the South.