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Mississippi Pinkeye 2, Purple Hull Pinkeye 2 Cowpeas, Southern Improved Cowpea

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Southern Pea, Mississippi Pinkeye 2 Cowpea:  Bush Type: Indeterminate. Open Pollinated.

The Improved Variety has Better Cold Tolerance, Stronger Emergence, Increased Seedling Survival, Increase Yield Capability.

Cowpeas or Southern Peas Productive and the Most Heat Tolerant Legumes.

Provides a Great Source of Nitrogen for Fall Planted Crops and Attracts Several Beneficial Insects.

Also Great for Soil Erosion and Weed Control on Bare Areas.

A Purplehull Pinkeye type at the Fresh Stage that Darkens to Purple at the Dry Stage.

Plant 1 lb. per 100 feet of Row, Thin to 2-3" Apart, Space Rows 36-40", Plant 1 1/2-2" Deep.

Estimated Days to Maturity: 67-72 days

Disease Tolerance:  Fusarium Wilt and Root Knot Nematode

Estimated Number of Seeds Per Pound:  2075