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Pumpkin Seed, Sugar or Pie Pumpkin Seed, Heirloom Pie Pumpkin Seed, 20 Seeds

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Listing is for 20+ Seeds of Sugar or Pie Pumpkin Seeds, Heirloom, NON GMO, Open Pollinated

A Great Heirloom Eating Pumpkin, An older and smaller variety of the Connecticut field pumpkin.

Grows about 10 inches in Diameter

Days to Maturity:  100-105

Height:  12-18 inches

Mature Spread:  48 Inches

Fruit Weight:  5-8 lbs.

  • Sow in fertile, warm soil after danger of frost has passed.
  • Sow seeds directly in the garden.
  • Give large-fruited pumpkins plenty of room to ramble.
  • For improved drainage sow in mounds, or hills of soil 12 inches in diameter, 6-8 inches tall.
  • Sow in groups 4-6 seed about 3 inches apart. Each group should be about 4-6 feet apart. Cover with 1 inch of fine soil and firm lightly.
  • Firm lightly and keep evenly moist.
  • Seedlings emerge in 7-14 days.
  • Do not plant pumpkins and other squash family crops in the same spot 2 years in a row.