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Silver Queen Corn Seed, 1/2 lb., USA Grown, Treated Seed, NON GMO, For 2016

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Packed in Resealable Foil Packaging

Silver Queen Corn, Hybrid,USA Grown ,

Over 90% of all Corn is Treated for Disease, Increased Germination, and Rot.

Seed is planting not for consumption or feed

Origin Washington, 96 % Germination Tested, 99.9% Pure Seed

Each Pack is Label With Test Date, Germination Percentage, Lot Number, Origin

Let Me Know to Combine Seed Items Before Payment

92 days. By far the most popular white Regular Sweet variety

Silver Queen earns her fame with superior production and unbelievably mouth-watering flavor. 

These gigantic 8-foot stalks yield a great bounty of 8- to 9-inch ears, each stuffed with crisp, tender, sweet white kernels arrayed in 14 to 16 jam-packed rows.

Resistance to Bacterial Wilt means even bigger harvests!