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Swiss Chard Seeds, Rainbow Swiss Chard Seed, NON-GMO, 100 Seeds

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100 + Seed Packet of Rainbow Swiss Chard,  All American Award Winner

  • A very ornamental variety with orange, yellow, pink, white, and red stalks
  • Leafy Green, with Bright Multi-Colored Stalks
  • Great raw or cooked
  • Adaptable to Sun or Shade
  • Scientific Name:  Beta Vulgaris Cicla

Baby Leaves are Great for Salads and Dishes

35 Days for Small Leaf Harvest and 60 Days for Mature Leaf Harvest

A type of beet that makes edible leaves and stalks instead of roots. Seeds planted early in the spring will quickly produce plants from which cuttings may be made in 30 days, and continue all summer. 

Late summer seeding pro­duces a cold hardy crop. Can be cut to the ground and new shoots will soon spring up.  

An excellent cooked vegetable and a tremendous source of vitamins.