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Yellow Crookneck Squash Seed, 1/2 Ounce Pack, Non GMO, 120-150 Seeds, Heirloom

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1/2 Ounce Resealable Packet, Squash Seeds range from 200-425 per ounce.

Packed in Resealable Foil Packaging

Yellow Crookneck Early Summer Squash, Open Pollinated

  • 5-6 Inches Squash - Heirloom
  • 55-75 Days to Harvest, best when young and tender
  • Prefers full sun exposure
  • Meaty fruits with small crookneck have bright yellow, bumpy skin.

    Full Description

     Delicious flavor and fine texture. Ready to harvest about 53 days after seed is planted. 
    GARDEN HINTS: Use when fruits are young and tender. 
    Fertilize when fruits form to increase yield. Cultivate or mulch to control weeds.
    Name: Early Summer Crookneck Squash
    Botanical Name: Cucurbirta pepo "Early Summer Crookneck"
    Type: Heirloom Summer Squash
    Size at Maturity: 5" - 6" Long
    Days to Maturity: 55-75 Days
    Light Requirement: Full Sun
    Planting Time: Warm Season
    Sowing Method: Direct Sow
    Planting Depth: 1"
    Plant Spacing: 24" - 36"